23 April 2012

Bria Omphroy's Animation

Sarah Grimes' Stop Motion

Its about life and how little time there is and how we all must make the most of it.

Shelbenstein's Animation

I am having the hardest time finding my video on youtube to upload. Apparently, there are a lot of youtube videos of either animators named Shelby, or things about the Shelby cobra so I'll just link it.ShelbyL'sAnimation

My Movie!!! Sarah Black

Cassandra's Animation


"This is It"

by Cassandra Van Valkenburg

Sense - Emilio Zuniga

In this World - Zarni Nway Oo

This is the video before I change the format and put end credit.

The finished rendered is too big and I don't want to upload two of the same version with just difference in end credits.